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Valetudine, originates from the Latin word “valetudo” (ablative: valetudine) and means “health”. Today the term health is integrated in the more general concept of well-being, establishing an inseparable link between physical and psychosocial aspects of life.

To achieve a balance and optimize performance, one needs to examine the causal interaction between these aspects. These infinitive reciprocal dynamics are constantly nourished by diverse personal experiences, behavioural patterns and interdependence of people and social systems.

A change of perspective or development of alternative action allows expanding and growing this constantly rotating cycle or spiral of evolution. In this light VALETUDINE offers independent professional advice to individuals and companies, on issues related to workplace well-being.

Magdalena Kurz

I work solution-centred, action-focused, resource- and outcome orientated. In my cooperation with clients I provide process expertise, offering a coherent tailored-made structure for the achievement of client determined aims. I aim at achieving actual perceivable change for the individuals or entities I am working with.

A diverse academic career, extracurricular expert trainings and my professional experience shaped the VALETUDINE approach:

Advanced Interdisciplinary Master on risk management and well-being at work, Module: Psychosocial Aspects (ULB, Faculty of Psychology)

Academic certification in the management of workplace well-being and risk prevention. I acquired expertise on psychological prevention& intervention procedures and knowledge of the legal& policy framework. I am trained to give exact diagnoses and guidance towards possible actions. As independent advisor, I am interlinked with other actors on workplace well-being.

Institute for Systemic Coaching and Training, Vienna:
I am trained in coaching individuals and groups, resolving team conflicts, facilitating team achievements and in mediation. The systemic approach assumes that we are part of a social system that we determine, in which we act, that we influence and that influences us. It aims at optimizing behaviour and interaction with this system. It encourages identifying the current conflict situation, to define the problem and the desired solution, to look at it from different perspectives and ultimately deriving alternative actions.
Austrian Training Centre for NLP
NLP is the sum of applied findings of psychology, language and brain research. It deals with successful communication, aim orientated thinking and behaviour for personal development. The model makes a connection between cognitive processes (neuro-), language (linguistic) and behavioural patterns learned through experience (programming), presuming that these can be modulated or changed when brought into awareness of the individual.

I have 4 years’ experience in the function as Person of Confidence. Further I worked 5 years as Lobbyist in Brussels. Prior to that I was active within the UN and the OSCE, Research Officer for the Evaluation of a European Commission Program, consultant for projects at different Austrian National Ministry as well as national NGO platforms.

I am holding a MA in Political Science from the University of Vienna and a Diploma on Human Rights from the University of Berkeley. I am fluent in German, English and French.

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