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X-mas coaching gift voucher

Review 2018 – Preview 2019

No X-mas gift ideas?
Need structure in your job outlook 2019?

Take the unique opportunity for professional guidance in job assessment& planning for your personal work-life balance in 2019 with an academically certified coach. Info& order of the exclusive PROMO “one coaching session for 55€” under

Limited offer until 31.01.2019

*Counselling available in English, German and French

“Balanced return to work after the baby break”

2 one hour personal coaching sessions for only 110€

You prepare your return to work after maternity or parental leave?

You experience challenges in keeping a work-life balance during a development phase of your kid?
You feel that you need to assess your employment situation as young parent and may require career (re-) orientation?

Valetudine offers guidance towards redefining your new personal work-life balance. Special Offer order via email.

Gift Voucher: “Balanced return to work after the baby break”

You attend a baby-shower& want to offer a useful gift instead of toys?
Order a tailored made gift voucher for a personal coaching sessions for only 55€ via email.